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Project and works coordination

For structural works that call for it, we work closely with technicians, architects and engineers, so as not to get in each other's way or do the same job twice, thus avoiding an increase in costs.
Works coordination is done onsite as well as at the workshops of the different tradesmen involved. If the project is structural, coordination is done together with the technicians involved.
In terms of handling quotes, our policy is to make contact—depending on what our client wants—and inform the potential vendor of the materials required. Once we've done this, our job ends as it will be the client who will have the final say. It will be up to both parties to close the deal. Our firm has nothing to do with the business negotiations.

The projects workflow is as follows:

01. Meeting with the clients
02. Analysis of the project
03. Laying out the space in different ways and presenting the best options
04. Floor plan with installations for the option chosen with the client
05. Study of home automation, renewable energy and sustainable installation solutions according to the client's needs
06. 3D plans to better visualise spaces and layouts, as well as cross-sections, elevation drawings and technical details for the tradesmen involved
07. Lighting and plumbing plans, as well as proposed fabrics with detailed dossiers
08. Design brief and technical specifications by trade
09. Handling quotes, if necessary, in coordination with the client

We design for:

Exterior design


Gardens, landscaping.

Interior design for homes


Houses, flats, studios and lofts.

Design, lay out, revitalise, enjoy, highlight

Commercial Interiors

Bars, cafeterias, restaurants, hotels, shops, offices.

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